A 10-Year Dream in the Making

A 10-Year Dream in the Making

Hi there! So here's the real real on what it's been like to work toward my 10-year dream of launching a ceramics shop.

Truly, when I say this has been a dream of mine since high school (and even before), I mean it. I remember first getting my hands on clay when I was in elementary school in Jacksonville, FL. We had one hour per week in our ceramics class, and we all had to sculpt an animal. My over-achieving self decided on an elephant, and I was thrilled with the result. Even the principal took notice and placed the tiny sculpture in her front office display window - truly a shining moment for 8-year-old Nikki. 

Fast forward to high school. I am taking an elective ceramics class on top of my six AP classes, and it was by-far-and-away the class I wanted to focus on the most. My sweet ceramics teacher taught each student how to throw (on the wheel) one by one. I jumped in head first and felt like things immediately clicked into place. It was thrilling for me to learn this skill that had mesmerized me since the first time I saw it. My mom reminds me to this day that my teacher told her, "Nikki is more talented at throwing than I am."

*And begin obsession*

Once I got to college, I knew I had been gifted this skill and had the strongest desire to see it to completion. I decided to take the plunge and officially pursue this as my degree and potential career. I saw myself grow and develop in skill, but also in thoughtfulness and intentionality in what I created. 

And what is a victory story without a low point? Post college was pretty challenging for me in pursuing art. I feel like college equipped me to do the actual creating, but the path to become a creator was absolutely uncharted territory. I knew where I wanted to be, but had no idea how to get from point A to point B.

I wanted the victory to be sudden and dramatic, but that has not been anywhere near my story. I spent a lot of time dreaming and believing that there would be a way while working in the service industry and other various jobs. These days felt slow and a little helpless. But thankfully, that was not the end; in fact, it was just the beginning. Through the meeting of fellow creatives, the discovery of a studio in my neighborhood, and the unrelenting affirmations of dear friends, my community, and most importantly God, I have finally found this path that has been set for me. The uncharted territory is being paved before my eyes. 

I would say I'm still mid-road on this journey, but I know there are miraculous things in store for what's ahead. And now I am here, releasing my art to the world, slightly terrified, but also gaping in excitement of this dream coming to fruition. 

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