Thanks for dropping in, I'm Nichele!

I am an artist flourishing in Washington, DC creating handmade pottery. 

I’ve been dreaming of being a creator since I was a little girl and feel deeply that it's what I was created to do in this world. I have always had a knack for hands-on activities, but never thought it would be possible to make a career out of it. But then I found ceramics and everything changed for me. A first introduction to clay in elementary school, turned into a hobby in high school, that turned into a degree in college, that all culminated into an absolute passion for the rest of my days.  It’s a joy and a gift sharing my creations with you. I hope they are a thoughtful and elevated touch to your extraordinary, everyday life. 

Each piece is made from scratch and carefully crafted to its fullest potential. My work is centered on human interaction. I want you to feel like these pieces are at home in your home. They emphasize what makes something comforting for humans in look, feel, and use. Paying special attention to the way your hand rests in the handle, and the way the lip ring feels on your lips when you take a sip, and the sturdiness and solidity of the mug when you’re setting it on the table - my goal is not for you to realize all these things, but simply to feel that comfort when you’re experiencing them.